How to create custom Boot Logos

The following is a tutorial on how to create custom Boot Logos for your iDevice. To apply them you need to have already installed the tweak animate ( and if needed also Animate fix for iOS7 or Animate iOS 8 )
Usually animate only supports logos named from "0.png" to "n.png" and like that also only one screen resolution.
Yet on we provide a script for you to support multiple screen resolutions. The different logos are recognized by being named "n@screen-heightxscreen-width.png.

To have a quick overview about all iDevice screen resolution check out

  1. Create two folders "Your Logo Name Here Black" and "Your Logo Name Here White"

  2. Create the logo(s) you want (best white/black [colored possible] on transparent background), keep in mind they are display in order from 0 to n when booting up.

  3. Now you need to place your logo on a preferably white [in the "Black" folder] / black [in the "White" folder] background which has the height and width of the device(s) you want to support.

    For example for the black iPhone 5 you might place a white logo centered on a 1136x640 black canvas to display it on bootup.

    The default logo size for non-retina displays is 65x65, for retina displays 129x129 and for the iPhone 6+ 194x194.

  4. Now save your image(s), names go from "0@heightxwidth.png" to "n@heightxwidth.png"
    This is no longer necessary as now automatically detect for which screen resolution the image is supposed, as long as you seperate your own suffix from the animation number by a non-digit character (For example 0-iphone5.png or simply 0iphone5.png) .

    You can now as well choose a device screen ratio the image is meant for.
    For example if you created a bootlogo 1334 x 750 pixel great (for the iPhone 6) it has an ratio of 16:9 which is also appliable for the iPhone 5 and 6+ (the images simply get up/down scaled). So you call the image "0@16x9.png.
    For the iPhone 3 - 4 the screen ratio is 3:2 ("0@3x2.png")
    For all iPads the screen ratio is 4:3 ("0@4x3.png")

  5. Place these images inside the respective folder (black background => "Black", white background => "White")

  6. If you want to upload them on this repository for an easy (de-)installation do the following

    • Archive your folders into a .zip archive
    • Log in or create an account at
    • Go to the "Submit your own" page
    • Choose the upload type "Boot Logo"
    • Fill in the required fields and upload your archive
    • Wait an hour at maximum
    • Done! Easy, wasn't it?

  7. For activating them manually place them on your device (via iFile or iPhoneBrowser or iFunBox or SSH) in /Library/BootLogos

  8. Done!

  9. You may download an example here
    Or here

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