How to theme the signal dots

The signal dots in your status bar can be easily themed through Winterboard. Follow the tutorial below to know how.
NOTE: I had a few problems with this method lately so problems (like the package not working) might occur.
Requirements: If you want to apply your logos on your own iDevice you need to have already installed Winterboard.

  1. Create a folder "Your Logo Name Here Signal Dots.bundle" (You may name it the way you like it but this way makes it most comfotable for users)

  2. Inside create the folder "Bundles" and inside that create one called "UIImages"

  3. Create the logo you want (best white/black [colored possible] on transparent background), for examples have a look at the examples further down.

  4. Name them so that the image which should show no signal dots is called WhiteOnBlackEtch_0_Bars@2x.png, the one that should show one signal dot WhiteOnBlackEtch_1_Bars@2x.png etc..
    In the end you should have:
    • WhiteOnBlackEtch_0_Bars@2x.png
    • WhiteOnBlackEtch_1_Bars@2x.png
    • WhiteOnBlackEtch_2_Bars@2x.png
    • WhiteOnBlackEtch_3_Bars@2x.png
    • WhiteOnBlackEtch_4_Bars@2x.png
    • WhiteOnBlackEtch_5_Bars@2x.png

    (I didn't figure out the use of WhiteOnBlackShadow_n_Bars@2x.png, if you know it feel free to message me about it)
    Until I found out what they are actually meant to do just copy and paste your images and rename them WhiteOnBlackShadow_n_Bars@2x.png, with n being the respective number of the image.

  5. Now place these images inside "UIImages"

  6. If you want to upload them on this repository for an easy (de-)installation [NO EXTRA REQUIREMENTS] do the following

    • Archive your icons (only) into a .zip archive
    • Log in or create an account at
    • Go to the "Submit you own" page
    • Choose the upload type "Respring Logo"
    • Fill in the required fields and upload your archive
    • Wait an hour at maximum
    • Done! Easy, wasn't it?

  7. For activating them manually place them on your device (via iFile or iPhoneBrowser or iFunBox or SSH) in

  8. Done!

  9. You may download examples here

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