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On the picture below click on any field or object you have questions about. It will open a little window with informations about the field as well as instructions on the field format and examples.
If you have any remaining questions or you would like to upload big amounts of icons feel free to contact me at

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If you want to upload something to, you need to have an account there.
If you haven't yet registered an account do so here.
In case you are seeing this text on the upload page you aren't yet logged in.

In this drop-down menu you can choose which type of icons you would like to upload. This also determines the overall package name to make it easier for end users to find your package in Cydia.

In this field you enter the name for your package or the name of the logos. The rest of the package name will be automatically added.

For example if you upload zeppelin logos of the website you might just enter "Nielstron".

In this field you enter the version of your package. Most times this is simply version 1.0. But you may also enter things like 0.9beta~build312. Anyway this is not recommended.

Here is displayed under which account you're currently logged in. Inside Cydia users can click this link to contact you via your email-address.

In these two fields you may enter to which iOS versions your package is compatible. The first number represents the minimum iOS version and the last number represents the maximum iOS version.
If you just enter one number in the first field it's similiar to entering the number plus ".0.0". If you just enter one number in the second field it is similiar to entering the one number plus ".9.9".
Possible iOS versions are a all versions with at maximum 3 numbers (for example 3.4.1, 4.1, 7, 8.1.2).

This field includes your package description. Feel free to format your description how you like it but try to let it still be readable. Please include at least the important information about your package.

For example:
This package adds the logo of the website to Zeppelin.
Activate it in the Zeppelin Settings.

When uploading icons you have to follow a special format.
Most times you simply need to upload the relevant logos archived. For more informations please check the example upload archives.
Please only upload zip-Archives, other archives won't be further processed.

Here you can add a screenshot for your package. You must at least include one screenshot for your package, otherwise it won't be processed.
By clicking on the plus next to the text you can add up to 9 screenshots.
The screenshot does'nt have to be in real-use but must represent what the logo will look like when installed and activated.

By clicking on this you can add up to 9 screenshots to your package. Be aware you need at least one screenshot for your package.

When clicking on this, users that view your package from or outside of cydia can check out all other packages you uploaded.

In this field you may enter the text for any additional links ("goodie"). Clicking on the icon right next to it lets you enter the url of the goodie and clicking the plus adds another goodie.
For example:
logo: twitter, text: Follow me @nielstron, url:

Clicking on this adds another additional link ("goodie") to your package. If you accidentally click it, it doesn't have to be filled out.

This is a recaptcha provided by google to proove you are a human (this page has often been victim to spam attacks). If it doesn't work for you please contact me(

Click this to submit your package to It won't take longer than two hours for you package to become visible in Cydia.

This is the same text users will see in Cydia at the bottom of your package.

Click this to get back to the homepage.